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We really appreciate the positive comments and feedback we get from everyone.  If you would like to share about your experience with us or just let others know if you are having fun being a new cavy owner, you may do so here.  Click the link below the testimonials on the right side.  :)

Quotes Thank you Ann for our three new additions to our guinea pig family! Love the new Caviary! An awesome place to raise the guinea pigs! I saw lots of happy , healthy pigs:) Guinea Pig Lane is very easy to work with. They also offer a wealth of experience and knowledge when you bring a pig home:) Thank you for all the advice to have given us:) We will definitely be back for more guinea pigs in the future:) Quotes
Very Happy Guinea Pig Mom

Quotes Thank you so much for my two boys, Nimbus and Ares. It is definitely evident that they were well taken care of during their time at guinea pig lane. They are very sweet piggies and have very neat personalities. I am very satisfied with the piggies and with the pet courier services that was used to transport them to me. It was a great pleasure to work with Ann and I would definitely recommend anyone to adopt from her. Quotes
Proud mommy of Nimbus and Ares

Quotes Very happy with Carmel, Blondie, Lorna, & Raven. Ann is a very easy person to work with & is so nice! Everyone who is considering adopting a guinea pig definitely can't go wrong when working with Ann! Quotes
Piggie mom

Quotes thank you so much for swoosh,hes a wonderful edition to our critter family...he fits in wonderfully with caramel our female guinea pig for which she is pregnant with her first litter of pups!! you guys were absolutely wonderful with us and i will definitely recommend you guys to all my friends and family for guinea pigs...swoosh loves to swim in our "pool" aka bathtub with caramel plus he gets along well with our 2 male rats oreo and coconut!! thanks again!! Quotes
Mary Koester
proud new mommy of Swoosh

Quotes Thank you soo much for my first baby, Piper (who used to be Raisin). She is the funniest thing to watch and she's the best movie-watching buddy. It took her no time to adjust and she's very, very happy. Thank you again :D Quotes
Guinea Pig Mommy

Quotes Thank you so much for our little Gabby (though I've been calling her fuzzy butt). She is a perfect match for our Sophia. It was a pleasure meeting you. The care you provide your pigs is evident and much appreciated. Gabby is a happy and healthy little Texel and has come out of her shell. She is very sweet! Thank you so much! I will be contacting you again in the future! Quotes
very satisfied mom

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Interesting guinea pig facts

  The "Guinea Pig's" scientific name is "Cavy Porcellus".   Sometimes referred to as a "Cavy".   Although "Porcellus" in Latin means "little pig",  they are actually a member of the rodent family and not related to pigs at all.   Nor are they from Guinea, which is a common misconception.  


  The guinea pigs we all know and love today have always been domesticated.  History records guinea pigs being domesicated as early as thousands of years B. C.  However they are close decendants of those that once lived in the wild.  Today in South America you can still find some living in the wild.  Some debate exists as to if these found in the wild today are the same as the ancestors of our domesicated breeds or domesticated animals that have become feral.   Some breeds, like the "Skinny", were actually bred for a specific purpose and they just came into being in the 70's. 


  The guiness book of world records says the longest living guinea pig lived to be over 14 years of age.  Typically guinea pigs live between 4-8 years.


  Females are called "Sows", males are called "Boars", but their young are referred to a "Pups". 


  Guinea pigs are social.  Often it's common for guinea pig owners to have two.  Males or females can live together in the same cage, especially if they are introduced to each other at a young age.  Groups consisting of one boar with multiple sows can live together well, provided they have enough space.  They bond with one another and their humans as well. 


  Newborn guinea pig pups are born with hair, teeth and nails.  They are able to be held within a few hours of birth.  The mothers are only able to nurse two at a time but can have litters of up to eight, the average is three.  The largest recorded litter will shock you...seventeen, yes, seventeen!   Gestation lasts between 65-72 days approximately, it's not an exact science as it can be difficult to tell when a sow actually conceives. 


 A guinea pig's teeth never stop growing!   Provide them with crunchy veggies or safe items to chew on to keep the teeth at the proper length.  If they grow to long, it will inhibit the guinea pigs ability to eat.


  Males (Boars) become sexually mature at three to five weeks and need to be weaned and seperated from their mother and female siblings at that time.  Females (Sows) can become fertile very young but are not commonly bred before four months of age.  Sows over the age of eight months should never be bred if they have not had a litter previously as complications can arise and they may not be able to deliver their pups.   In the best interest of the sow, they should not have another litter after the age of three. 






  • "Thank you so much for our little Gabby (though I've been calling her fuzzy butt). She is a perfect match for our Sophia. It was a pleasure meeting you. The care you provide your..."
    very satisfied mom

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